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WE ARE A CREATIVE EFFECTS BOUTIQUE SPECIALIZED IN FLUID SIMULATION FOR VISUAL EFFECTS & MOTION GRAPHICS. We have the ability to work across disciplines to create original content with impact and style. You can find us in the beautiful town of Oporto in Portugal.

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  • The motion of a fluid at any point within a flow is completely described by a set of non-linear equations known as the momentum or Navier-Stokes equations.

    Foster & Metaxas. "Realistic Animation of Liquids." (1996)

  • In computer graphics, on the other hand, the shape and the behaviour of the fluid are of primary interest, while physical accuracy is secondary or in some cases irrelevant.

    J. Stam. "Stable Fluids" (1999)


Sitting Duck is a specialized boutique offering a unique service from the initial simulation steps to fully render sequence of digital effects. Our primary focus is in the delivery of creative and photo realistic digital content.
Fluid simulation

From small to large-scale dynamic simulations, we can develop gaseous, liquid and viscous fluid/particle effects.

Motion graphics

Animated digital fluid/particle effects for backgrounds, banners, packshots, channel intros or logos.

Shading & Lighting

High quality computer generated effects from photorealism to classic cartoon directions.

Graphic design

Digital fluid/particle still effects for brand boards, brochures, books, flyers, outdoors, posters and wallpapers.


Digital treatment & integration of dynamic fluid/particle effects in both live action footage and 3D animation.


Studio training onsite or remote via exclusive video tutorials for RealFlow, Fume Fx and Krakatoa in 3ds Max.


Creation of a low-res fluid simulation to get a feeling of the desired effect in a quick and cost effective way.


The digital download of simulated fluid asset sequences will be available soon for purchase.

frequently asked questions

Hope we can clarify any of your remaining doubts.
What exactly can you do?

Here at Sitting Duck we can sculpt a set of different dynamic simulations that can go from photorealistic to magical effects. Therefore we can create realistic water splashing into a bottle; wine pouring down a glass; chocolate and caramel falling onto an ice-cream; or simulating realistic explosions; flames; oil smoke; elixir for mouthwash; oceans and waves surfaces; abstract liquid shapes; dust fairy; objects melting; splashes of paint; chinese ink fading into a logo and a lot, lot more…

We are a specialized boutique that sees in nature the perfect reference and in imagination the butterfly that breaks loose, inside all the technical aspects that surround fluid simulation. Contact us if you have a specific effect in mind, we can definitely help you with that.

How much time do you need to develop your simulations?

It depends a lot from the type of service a client requires and especially on the complexity of the fluid/particle effect. Sometimes a client just wants the simulation of the effect, leaving the rest to their own production & post-production team while others want us to deliver a finished product, from the initial simulation to a composed final render.

The first step of simulation can go from 3 to 15 days, including research & development and initial set up. Depending on the duration of the animation, the shading, lighting and render for post-production can take up to 2 or 4 days. Compositing and final render usually takes a couple hours.

It’s important to take in consideration that the client feedback, in the different stages of production, has a significant impact in the time taken to develop the desired effects. So, take your time and contact us for more accurate estimates.

Do you work onsite or just remotely?

Our services can be provided from our boutique in Oporto, Portugal, or if you prefer, one of our staff members can be sent to work directly with your own team, during production time.

What are Sitting Duck core tools?

Our generalist 3D software is 3ds Max, to create gaseous, liquid and viscous effects we use Realflow, FumeFx and Krakatoa, for compositing we use After Effects or Nuke according to the needs of the client.

contact us:Phone: (+351) 936 867 157 | Skype: sittingduck.portugal | Email: boutique@sittingduck.pt

Visit Us: UCP Porto | Edificio CIDEB | Rua Dr. Antonio Bernardino de Almeida, 400, 4200-072 Porto, Portugal

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